“Locker room talk”? Says who?

- TEDxUniversityofNevada




  • ProtectHer: Redefining #MANHOOD (Male Audience) 

The hottest topic in sports today isn’t Heisman hopefuls or the latest BCS rankings; unfortunately headlines are highlighting Ray Rice, sexual assault on campuses and at corporations, and other forms of domestic violence. While there is endless media attention about the problem, few people are discussing tangible solutions. In this incredibly important presentation, Alexis Jones starts what becomes an ongoing dialogue, asking young men the simple question, What kind of man will you choose to be? Having worked at ESPN and Fox Sports, Alexis speaks “dude” with exceptional ease. Based on her recent talk at NIKE to the top 18 high school quarterbacks in the country for ESPNU’s show “Elite 11,” Alexis goes much deeper than simply making audiences aware of the issues. Through tangible action steps and community building, Alexis shares how to be verbal, vulnerable, and honest – highlighting the fact that in order for men to respect women, men first have to respect themselves.

  • I AM THAT GIRL: Modern Girls on a Mission (Female Audience)

Today’s expectations of beauty can leave many girls and women feeling like outsiders. However, Alexis Jones wants to redefine the meaning of “beautiful” and ignite an empowering revolution for females that will help them see themselves in a different light. This inspiring talk reveals the reality behind many of the images women see in the media and explains the pitfalls of relying on outside appearance as a measurement of self-worth. Instead, Alexis encourages girls to look inward for purpose, value, and power. What does it mean to be a powerful woman? How can you find strength in your imperfections? How can you use your unique voice to lift up other women instead of tearing them down? Alexis will answer these questions and teach you how to be that independent, confident girl who dares to lead other women into changing the world.

*Alexis is certainly not confined to these topics and is willing to work with her clients to create tailor-made speeches.


Recent Talks

  • The White House: Healthy Media Initiative (Washington, DC)
  • Harvard Business School (Boston, MA)
  • The United Nations: Nexus Leadership Conference (Washington, DC)
  • Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)
  • NASA Innovation Summit (San Francisco)
  • ESPN’s Elite 11 NIKE Headquarters (Portland)
  • SXSW (Austin)University of Washington (Seattle)
  • University of Southern California Male Football Team (LA)
  • University of Texas Male Football Team (Austin)
  • UCLA Male Football Team (LA)
  • Iowa State University (Ames)
  • University of Florida Male Basketball Team (Gainesville)
  • Ohio State University (Columbus)
  • Girl Scouts 100 Year Anniversary Conference (Pasadena)
  • The Society of Leadership and Success (Chicago)


Past Talks

  • The Cambodian Children’s Fund: Empowering Girls Seminar (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
  • Host of the Global Health and Wellness Summit (Marrakesh, Morocco)
  • USC Guest Lecturer: Annenberg School of Communication (Los Angeles)
  • Ann Richards Leadership School (Austin)
  • Camp Start Up: Financial Literacy for Youth (Maryland)
  • WADI: Youth Camp (Cairo, Egypt)
  • US Trust Money Seminar (New York)
  • La Mujer Bonita Series (Seville, Spain)
  • Survivor Panel (New York)
  • Royal Lepage (Canada)
  • The United Women’s Run (Canada)
  • Auburn University: Girls Global Summit (Alabama)
  • GenAustin: Annual Girls Conference (Austin)
  • Nation Conference of Student Leaders NCSL (Miami)
  • Survival Leadership Seminar (Fiji)