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#ImABadassBecause Day 3

IMG_0924The truth is- we are infinitely more powerful than we give ourselves credit for because we’re so distracted by all the noise in life. We stop tuning in to the frequency of our own hearts. We’ve all had moments when we were in the zone, that feeling of invincibility where you feel like you’re on fire and couldn’t mess up if you tried. What if you were told that feeling could be accessed at any moment? The truth is you can. We all can. But we can’t do it when we’re all over the place, juggling a thousand different things, beating ourselves up and focusing on everything but the little voice inside us screaming to be heard. The power exists in you to be brave… We just forget. Close your eyes and remember the last time you felt like you were unstoppable. Q. What did it feel like? How did you stand and walk? What expression was on your face? What did your voice sound like? You already have all the courage and wisdom and guidance you need; you just have to stop looking outside of yourself for it. The journey to discovering your Badass just requires you remembering that you already are… #youvealwayshadthepower

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