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#ImABadassBecause Day 2

IMG_0909So apparently “trauma” is real. Haha. I took Bella (my new puppy) to meet my brother’s cats yesterday and in the midst of their first meeting ended up on the wrong end of the cat’s teeth and claws. I’ve never been attacked by a cat (so that was a first) but I have been attacked by a dog. Three. Times. I have the scars and surgeries to prove it. And I’m flat out terrified of dogs because of it. But I played it cool during my niece’s six year old birthday party and it wasn’t until I got in the car and headed home that I started hyperventilating and shaking and hysterically crying. Something deep inside got triggered, and I couldn’t stop bawling for hours after I got home. It’s like the 1.5 year old, 11 year old and 13 year old in me who’d been attacked years ago freaked out all over again. So here’s the deal, when you get hurt or scared or emotionally wounded- whether it was something a mean kid said in 4th grade, or when you got bullied in high school, or when your dad bailed on you or your coach yelled at you and embarrassed you in front of everyone, or you got cheated on or your mom said she didn’t want you or you got your heart broken… The truth is we have these wounds and the invisible ones are the most severe and hardest to heal because we think we can bury them deep down. But we can’t. If we don’t address them, they will rear their ugly heads at some point. Trust me! So when someone says something and your panic button gets pressed and you don’t even know where it came from… Don’t shut it down and ignore it, it’s an opportunity to let all that energy and fear and heartbreak go by just being present with how you feel, honoring it and breathing through it. We’re all emotional creatures and we’re all sensitive beings. It doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human. Take five minutes to think about the trauma monsters in your own life, hiding in your closet. Q- what has been the biggest heartbreak in your life? What did you allow that to mean about you? #facingourtraumamonsters

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