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#ImABadassBecause Day 1

IMG_0899I started a #40day series on Instagram called #imabadassbecause mainly because I don’t always feel that way :). The craziness of the world gets to me and I forget that I’m just a girl, trying to figure it all out. Because sometimes life is surprisingly hard, and disappointments sting more than we want to admit, and yes, sometimes it’s breathtakingly beautiful and thrilling… But the truth is our confidence gets shaken easily and I’ve found that most people rely on external validation to fuel it, like (and I totally struggle with this) winning that football game or making a lot of money, or getting public accolades, an A in class, a promotion at work or hanging your hat on your good looks… And the truth is that there is an expiration date to all of that because having a strong, authentic confidence ONLY comes from within and it tends to be the LAST place we go to find it. So I’m on a journey inside and over the next 40 days, I invite you to join me ;). If you really want to go on a mind blowing adventure, all you have to do is get really still. You can’t fathom why lies in store. Today, try and spend five minutes in complete silence (set an alarm on your phone and turn it face down), put your hand on your heart, close your eyes and just listen. I have a feeling it has a LOT to say and we are just getting warmed up. Write in a journal or share with a friend what came up for you. Today’s Q: how do you feel the most loved? #day1

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